This site is all about graphs. Also known as charts and diagrams, graphs present processes, relationships, and changes in a visual format that is easy to understand. They engage the users by simplifying complex information, which would otherwise be too difficult to explain through speech or writing. Graphs are also helpful in emphasizing important points. Through a graph, you can show and track trends and comparisons. People first encounter graphs in childhood books and schools. They continue to serve as teaching tools all through life. Graphs are used in any field including science, statistics, business, engineering, media, mathematics, history, and more. Some graphs work well in many fields, while others have limitations. This site provides information about the purposes, advantages, and disadvantages of each graph type. The types of graphs that we cover include line graphs, bar graphs, organizational charts, pictographs, cosmographs, pie charts, and flow charts. This site helps you choose the best graph for your purpose.